The most important section is the Blog, where I post a new recording and tracklist every week from my radio show Radioactivity on WPGU 107.1 FM. All the recordings are playable within the browser, and downloadable as well. Also, I post articles on the blog about designs I'm working on, and some music reviews and other odds and ends.


In the Music section, you'll find some of the official mixes I've recorded. (more mixes to come, including a 5-part multi-genre series I'm currently working on) The mixes are also playable within the browser, as well as downloadable. Hopefully soon I'll have some original tracks posted up for preview in addition to the mixes.


If you visit the Fonts page, you'll find the fonts I've created. They're completely free and unrestricted for personal use, so feel free to use them in whatever you like! I have many fonts in the works at the moment, so more fonts are definitely forthcoming.


Under Work you'll find a collection of my work from all different types of design: flyers, fonts, photography, illustration, logos, type posters, adverts, and even t-shirts. And this website serves as my web design work, peep the source to have a look at the clean and concise code. All of the code validates in XHTML Strict as well.