Lincoln D Jones

Hello, I'm Lincoln! I design things. Also, I mix records live on the radio every week, and used to DJ at a nightclub too. I wear graphic t-shirts and think of them as works of art. I design and code websites. I build, optimize, and repair computers; it's part work and part play. I do a bit of photography, though less recently as I've decided to focus more on graphic design. I used to play the drums in a band... we had lots of fun playing shows and had a group of really great fans. Overall, I love doing a lot of different things, and I'm interested in trying almost anything.

I'm available for freelance design work, and I'm open to all forms of design. Also, I can custom build computers, and I'm available for tech support house calls. Contact me using one of the methods below (preferably email) and we can get started!


Phone:  217-806-0503
Twitter:  LincolnDJ
AIM:  Honsou87
Gtalk:  Honsou