All fonts are created by Lincoln Jones, © 2009. You may use these fonts for any non-commercial use, but you may not redistribute any of them without my written consent. Please contact me using the email on my contact page.

Giraffe font

Download Giraffe Font from | Direct .TTF Download

Giraffe was my first take on a standard sans-serif font. Before it I had only done big bulky crazy fonts, and I wanted to make a font that could be used for display type as well as body type. That approach definitely worked well, because Giraffe is now by far my most popular font.

Dropship font

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Dropship is a sister font to Mothership; it uses the same height-to-width ratio, and very similar stylistic elements. I created it after Mothership as a way to have the same type of font, but with a more square style. I picked Dropship for the name because a dropship is housed within a mothership. If I end up creating another font in this series, I'm thinking of calling it Scoutship, or maybe Battleship.

Mothership font

Download Mothership Font from | Direct .TTF Download

Mothership is the first bulky font I created. I decided on the name after a great record label of the same name was formed. (a sub-label of Dirtybird Records) I designed the font to be very round and smooth-edged, and made it purposefully difficult to read. This font is definitely to be used more for large titles and more obscure design styles.