Here you'll find my mixes and (hopefully soon) some original productions. Each mix has a flash-based player with it, so feel free to listen to the mixes right in the browser. Or, you can click the image or the link and download the mp3. Hope you enjoy!

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Lincoln Jones - IPaintMyMind DJ Series Episode 11

Here's a dubstep mix I made for the website, for their DJ Series. It was a lot of fun to make, and I got to show my more creative side, instead of selecting tracks for the dancefloor. These tracks are definitely for listening, but there are a few dancefloor burners in there too. As I said in the interview on, I really think this mix embodies the direction I want to take my music, and where I hope dubstep as a whole is headed. I'm really proud of this one, hope you enjoy!

IPaintMyMind DJ Series Episode 11 - Lincoln Jones by LincolnDJ

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Lincoln Jones - Paradigm Shift Mix

This mix is mainly a house mix, it gets into a lot of tech and deep house, with a tiny bit of funky house. This mix was made using the internal interface of Serato ScratchLIVE instead of using vinyl & turntables. I named the mix Paradigm Shift mainly because I liked the way it sounded, and I had already planned on including a track by the same name in the mix. Also, I liked the name because it embodied my change in outlook at the time. I was just graduating from college, switching from part-time to full-time at my job, moving into an apartment in Champaign, IL, and overall my life was changing drastically... which made me look at everything a little differently.

Click to download the Electronic Undercurrents mix  (artwork by Jeff Rohlfing)

Lincoln Jones - C-U Electronic Undercurrents Mix

(hosted by 217Mafia)

This mix was created for a series called CU Electronic Undercurrents. The series included multiple artists: myself, Mertz, Geist, Phrotek, and The Infinite Imagination (The Infinite Mobius & Joe's Imagination). There were three CDs with two mixes on each, and they were sold at the IMCfest.