For The Love Of Hair

For The Love Of Hair Logo

Logo created for the hair salon For The Love Of Hair in Philo, IL. The color scheme in the shop is pink with black & white checkered floors, so I thought I'd replicate that in the logo. Use the font HFJ Gotham for "Love" and "Hair" & Bickley Script for the rest.

Radioactivity on WPGU 107.1

Radioactivity Logo

Logo created for the radio show Radioactivity on WPGU 107.1 FM. The logo for this radio show has always been, in some form, the universal radioactive symbol over top the WPGU logo, but it was always rather hard to distinguish the two from each other. So setting the logo in 3D helped fuse them together while keeping them individually identifiable.

College of Pharmacy Vectorization

College of Pharmacy Logo Vectorization

Seal vectorized for a client at TCT&A. The client had a copy of the seal, but only a low-quality .jpg image. The seal was traced out in Illustrator, and a lot of artistic liberties were taken to recreate fine details in the seal.

2 Buds Plus

2 Buds Plus Logo

Logo redesign for a local recording studio. The concept for the logo was to incorporate both the recording and mastering aspects of the business, so a microphone and audio levels were used. The client ended up going with an exact vector recreation of their original logo. (a thresholded image of an old microphone with Comic Sans type)

College For Kids

Parkland College For Kids Logo

Logo created for the Parkland College For Kids program. This logo was part of a class contest at Parkland, and a different logo with whales embracing (PDF link) was chosen. This logo served as a study on isometric perspective, and has helped greatly since.

Kagel's Hardwood

Kagel's Hardwood Logo

Logo created for a client at TCT&A. The client wanted the logo to convey they did business in wood, but without images of trees or floors. The font used was HFJ Gotham.

"Darn Good" Salsa

Darn Good Salsa Labels

Food label created for "Darn Good" Salsa. The client wanted a label with a hot southern feel, and a weathered, distressed look. Used stock photography from stock.xchng of different peppers to visually indicate the level of spiciness. Also created an accompanying logo for the parent company "Darn Good Fresh Foods."