Radioactivity! Listen.

Radioactivity Flyer

Flyer created to promote the radio show Radioactivity on WPGU 107.1 FM. The type is set in the free font Geist KNT.

Level Thursdays @ Soma Ultralounge

Level Thursdays flyer for Soma ultralounge

Created for my old Thursday night residency at Soma Ultralounge. Used royalty-free stock photography located here.

David Jones Speech Contest

David Jones Speech Contest Flyer

Created for a class assignment. I wanted to make it simple and readable, but also eye-catching.

Digital Media Student Exhibition

Parkland Digital Media Student Exhibition Flyer

This promotional poster was created in collaboration with Nancy Routh, Jordan Lowe, Jana Lambeth and Sarah Broadfoot. The concept was to convey the idea that the students were putting themselves on display as well as their art. This design was part of a competition, and was picked for production. The campaign included posters hung throughout the Parkland campus and around town, and a postcard run mailed to a large database of art gallery patrons.